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$1,000 GOAL

1k Challenge

by Black Fathers Foundation

With a generous donation of $100 dollars, and a challenge to get at least 9 others to match, one of our advisory board members has put his money where his mouth is and prompted us to kick start our 1k Challenge, which will start off our scholarship fund.

0 3 30%
Left Believers Funded

$5,500 RAISED

$5,500 GOAL

A Playground For El-Ghor Camp

by United in Humanity

This summer our team plans on revisiting the families at El-Ghor camp. After seeing the success and joy that the playground our UIH team built in Khal Al Ahmar, Palestine, we’d love to implement the same for the children within El-Ghor camp.

3 36 100%
Left Believers Funded

$5,010 RAISED

$4,000 GOAL

Dignity Fund for Speedy

by Youth Empowered Society (YES Drop-In Center)

Many of you have heard the devastating news of the passing of Jonathan Gross belovedly known as Speedy. YES youth and staff are shocked and trying to cope with this loss. Speedy’s body has yet to be claimed and YES has decided to step in.

3 93 125%
Left Believers Funded


$10,000 GOAL

Time to Spread Love and Restore Faith In Each Other

by Community Unity Music Festival

Have you looked around lately? Members of our community are losing their lives due to gun violence. We used to know our neighbors, but we've become strangers. We've lost our patience and we lack empathy. Community Unity Music Fest wants to change that!

3 7 5%
Left Believers Funded

$1,870 RAISED

$2,500 GOAL

LBYC First Capital Campaign

by Long Beach Youth Chorus

The Long Beach Youth Chorus is starting with a new Fiscal Sponsor on July 1, Fulcrum Arts! We have initial costs right away, so your donation will help ensure that the Long Beach Youth Chorus can start it's 3rd season ready to go!

7 17 75%
Left Believers Funded

$48,800 RAISED

$100,000 GOAL

Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Cardiovascular Fund

by Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation

The LDSF Cardiovascular Fund’s dollars will go towards research and education with the goal of gaining knowledge and ways to help those afflicted with LDS live longer and have a higher quality of life.

8 35 49%
Left Believers Funded

$28,843 RAISED

$50,000 GOAL

Spiral Q's 50/50 campaign!

by Spiral Q

Spiral Q has the goal of raising our individual giving to 1/3 of our budget over the next 3 years. This includes donations to support a strong end to FY2019 as well as growing our sustainers club so we can forecast a strong future.

8 95 58%
Left Believers Funded

$1,365 RAISED

$5,000 GOAL

Remembering Licia Ramos

by Cancer Support Community Pasadena

Gifts in memory of Licia Ramos

8 5 27%
Left Believers Funded


$5,000 GOAL

Support WWO Vietnam

by Worldwide Orphans

Won’t you please help WWO continue to provide outstanding programming in Vietnam by donating today.

8 0 0%
Left Believers Funded


$10,290 GOAL

Founding Sponsors

by KDIF Radio

KDIF 102.9 FM needs financial support to continue to be a platform for local voices who shape our communities. This limited-time campaign comes with special benefits for businesses and organizations who donate $1,029.

8 0 0%
Left Believers Funded

$4,986 RAISED

$10,000 GOAL


by Kavod

We are so excited for our community retreat at Friendly Crossways on June 21st through June 23rd

8 50 50%
Left Believers Funded


$5,000 GOAL

Dodgeball Softball - Team Average Joe's -vs- Team Purple Cobras

by Worldwide Orphans

Last year it was the Dual of the Decades! Team 60s- Peace, Love & Beatlemania battled Team 80s- Pacman, Perms & Madonna. This year, it's Dodgeball Softball. Team Average Joe's takes on Team Purple Cobras for Point Lookout bragging rights.

9 0 0%
Left Believers Funded

$2,500 RAISED

$5,000 GOAL

Ben's TAPAZ Campaign

by WeDidIt Demo

Ben's example campaign

11 1 50%
Left Believers Funded

$2,190 RAISED

$1,000 GOAL

TIC Wellness Guide for Managers and Supervisors

by Hillsides

Hillsides offers trauma-informed care tips and resources for managers and supervisors in this 47-page wellness guide.

12 21 219%
Left Believers Funded


$3,200 GOAL

FestiFund 2019

by The Independent Artist FestiFund

Help us reach our 2019 goal of $3200 to grant 5 scholarships for independent artists producing their own work in the 2019 Fringe Festival!

13 1 15%
Left Believers Funded


$2,000 GOAL

100 Hubcaps

by Real93543

Support 100 Hubcaps public art installation — Real93543's next community-wide, creative place-keeping project for Littlerock and the Southeast Antelope Valley.

13 13 24%
Left Believers Funded

$1,955 RAISED

$3,000 GOAL

"Off the Couch on the bike "

by Alterra Home Loans Cycling Team

We seek to expand the capabilities from communities where exposure and access to this sport and lifestyle are limited. Donating $10 can assist with coaching, entry fees and equipment, all vital to the success of this project.

15 40 65%
Left Believers Funded


$2,400 GOAL

One Year Anniversary Fund

by Blue Stoop

Blue Stoop's mission is to support and nurture writers and readers from all walks of life who live in the greater Philadelphia area. We are celebrating our one year anniversary by raising funds for our class scholarship program.

16 22 35%
Left Believers Funded


$5,000 GOAL

ART Inside/Out - 6-month Program For The Women at Patuxent Institution!

by Art Inside/Out

ART Inside/Out provides amazing art opportunities to creative individuals behind bars. We are able to do so through donations from fellow art enthusiast, art supporters, & believers like you! Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

18 5 3%
Left Believers Funded


$5,000 GOAL

Ben's Foundation P2P Campaign

by WeDidIt Demo

Ben's Foundation Helps Ben

22 0 0%
Left Believers Funded

$1,733 RAISED

$5,000 GOAL

Empowering Girls Through Skateboarding!

by SkatePhilly

SkatePhilly is organizing an after-school skateboarding club to teach middle-school girls how to skate at their local skatepark!

25 52 35%
Left Believers Funded


$25,000 GOAL

Support our ongoing ministry to love and to serve the children of Peru!

by The Potter's Hand Foundation

The goal and purpose of the Potters Hand Foundation is to bring the Reliv International, Inc. nutritional supplemental products for children, which are so successful in making a difference in the lives of children around the world to the children of Peru!

26 2 1%
Left Believers Funded


$20,000 GOAL

14th Annual Gorilla Massage Golf Classic

by Gorilla Massage Fund

This yearly golf tournament is our big fundraiser.

28 0 0%
Left Believers Funded

$1,050 RAISED

$15,000 GOAL

2019 H100 Farm to Table

by Hillsides

A fundraiser for H100, this Farm to Table event on Sunday, June 2, featured our famous signature cocktails, a delicious dinner featuring local and farm fresh fare, and wine pairings for one of our three courses.

39 3 7%
Left Believers Funded


$950 GOAL

Serge for Sewing Machines

by Make Nashville

Guess what? We have lots of you who want to sew more and serge more! Let's MAKE that happen!

39 0 0%
Left Believers Funded